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Within expressjs is there a way I can set the timeout limit per route.

I have some routes that may take 30-45 seconds to process (A large amount of tasks)

And then other routes that if it takes longer than 5 seconds I want it to time out.

I guess I am asking is there a way to globally set the timeout limit on requests and is there a way to do it individually on routes.


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Use the built-in connect-timeout middleware:

var connectTimeout = require('connect-timeout');

var timeout = connectTimeout({ time: 10000 });
var longTimeout = connectTimeout({ time: 45000 });

app.use(timeout); // you can set a global timeout value
app.get('/some/route', longTimeout, yourHandler); // or you can set per-route timeouts
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This worked perfectly thank you very much! – nwkeeley Jan 22 '13 at 16:03

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