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I posted my code below. Everything works fine while the property of the panel (id = "idPanemCriticas") closable = "false".

If I change it to true then it does not show more messages and if I close the panel I can not open more. I really need help, thanks.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<title>JSF 2 + PrimeFaces</title>
<p:panel id="idPanelCad" header="Cadastro de Usuário" style="width: 60%;">
<h:panelGrid columns="6">
<h:outputText value="Nome:" />
<p:inputText id="nome" value="#{loginMb.usuario.nome}" required="true" size="20"
requiredMessage="Informação do nome é obrigatório.">
<h:outputText value="*" />

<h:outputText value="Sobrnome:" />
<p:inputText id="idSobreNome" value="#{loginMb.usuario.sobreNome}"
required="true" size="20" requiredMessage="Informação do sobrenome é obrigatório.">
<h:outputText value="*" />

<h:panelGrid columns="3">
<h:outputText value="Senha:" />
<p:password id="idSenha" value="#{loginMb.usuario.senha}" feedback="true"
required="true" requiredMessage="Informação da senha é obrigatória.">
<h:outputText value="*" />

<p:commandButton value="Gravar" action="#{loginMb.gravar}" update="toUpdate "     
onclick=";"  process="toUpdate"/>

<h:outputText value="(*) - Campos com informação obrigatórias." />

<p:separator> </p:separator>

<p:outputPanel id="toUpdate">
<p:panel id="idPanemCriticas" widgetVar="wp" closable="false" header="Críticas"  
<p:messages id="mss" closable="true" />

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Did you try using autoUpdate="true" attribute in your p:outputPanel? Goal of p:outputPanel is to allow you not to include an element in you element tree. In your case your embedded p:panel and p:messages are always going to be rendered, so I don't see the point of using p:outputPanel to achieve that.

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