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I am using the facebook android sdk to access the user's facebook albums and intern get the photos. But when I do a ""+wallAlbumID+"/photos?access_token="+facebook.getAccessToken() it returns blank data. { "data": [] }

I read in stackoverflow question and also in Graph API for Photo that I need to give user_photospermission while creating the facebook object. I am not sure how to do so.I read a lot of forums and also checked on SOF but could not find the solution.

This is how I am creating the facebook object

facebook = new Facebook(APP_ID);

Can anyone please help me with this.

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You need to create an ArrayList of permissions you want to access. For example, when I did it, when declaring variables.

private static final String[] PERMISSIONS = { "user_photos" };

Then, when implementing the user login area:

if (!facebook.isSessionValid()) {
    facebook.authorize(this, PERMISSIONS, new LoginDialogListener());

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot for your response. But I now get the error {"error":{"message":"Malformed access token AAAEAVpwLuvUBAMeXhXSNPr8TcuUA6DVspgM4ZA9tnJRKfgdvZA6ZAF8g1BZB3xXyzE7MnSh0cA6m1ul‌​O7FgdZCwo9KhbEtc2udXws1wKAmAZDZD?access_token=AAAEAVpwLuvUBAMeXhXSNPr8TcuUA6DVspg‌​M4ZA9tnJRKfgdvZA6ZAF8g1BZB3xXyzE7MnSh0cA6m1ulO7FgdZCwo9KhbEtc2udXws1wKAmAZDZD","t‌​ype":"OAuthException","code":190}} while creating the instance of Facebook which APP_ID should we supply? – namrathu1 Jan 18 '13 at 23:13
@Namratha You should have been given an app ID when you created the app on the Facebook Developer site. You use that app ID to create the Facebook object. – RobStemen Jan 21 '13 at 1:35
@ CreatineDevelopment: Thank you, i did that. But I still continue to get the error. I have posted it as a different question in SOF here. Thanks again for your help. – namrathu1 Jan 21 '13 at 16:19
I don't see isSessionValid() as a method of Session object... That was the 2.0 way. In 3.0 you should do Session.isOpened() – Igor Ganapolsky Jan 9 '14 at 21:59
@IgorGanapolsky If you provide updated code, I'll update my answer to reflect accordingly. Don't know the context as I have not worked with Facebook's 3.0 API. – RobStemen Jan 10 '14 at 18:44

You need to use Facebook SDK 3.0+. Also, enable the OAuth client login flow in the developer settings on the FB site. Then you can use the following code:

  1. First, log the user into FB inside of your app to get a Session object, then request permissions for user_photos if not granted yet:

    // start Facebook Login
    Session.openActiveSession(this, true, new Session.StatusCallback() {
        // callback when session changes state
        public void call(Session session, SessionState state, Exception exception) {
            if (session.isOpened()) {
                // check for permission to see user photos
                if (!hasPhotoPermissions())
                    session.requestNewPublishPermissions(new Session.NewPermissionsRequest(MyActivity.this, "user_photos"));
                else {
                    // photos permission granted, fetch user's albums
  2. Here is what hasPhotoPermissions() method looks like:

    private boolean hasPhotoPermissions() {
        Session session = Session.getActiveSession();
        return session.getPermissions().contains("user_photos");
  3. Your app will then present the photos permissions screen to the user for approval.

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