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I can display a text near a point, but in fact, this text is not attached to the point. And the text don't follow the point during a zoom.

I make this code and it's work :

events: {
    redraw: function() {
        $.each(chart.getSelectedPoints(), function(i, point) {
            .attr('y', point.plotY + chart.plotTop - 10)
                .attr('x', point.plotX + chart.plotLeft + 10);

And this function is called on point select event :

function addText(point) {
        point.plotX + chart.plotLeft + 10,
        point.plotY + chart.plotTop - 10
        zIndex: 5,
        id: 'txt-'+point.x+'-'+point.y

Complete code :

I just want to know if there is another and official way to do that ?

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It doesn't follow, because when you use Renderer to add point, then you define position in pixels, i.e x: 100px, y:100px and after zoom pixels in a chart are in the same place as without zoom. In other works, when you use Renderer, you don't define position like x:3 and y:4 which is related to chart, but in the pixels.

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Thanks, but I know that. Look at the code, x and y change on the fly with .attr('y'... This work ! Just I would like to know if there is an more elegant way to do that – ManUtopiK Feb 15 '13 at 2:25
At this moment it is only this way, which you use. – Sebastian Bochan Feb 15 '13 at 8:38

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