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I have begun writing a small program in Python 2.7 for encrypting a text file.
It uses a simple dictionary to convert the letters to ternary numbers (wanted something more challenging than just decimal), using morse code to create the numbers
e.g. : 'f' = ..-. = 1121
I plan on adding more layers beyond this quite basic first level, but when testing it
(printing the result, instead of passing it on to the next stage),
PowerShell gave me
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
at a line which does nothing more than create a new (empty) string.

Here's the code:

# create dictionary of letters to ternary numbers (via morse)
ternaryDict = {

# get file name
file_name = raw_input("File name: ")

# open file for encoding
file = open(file_name).read()

# divide file into list of letters
letter_list = list(file)

# create new list for ternary numbers
ternary_list = list()

# add ternary numbers to list
for letter in letter_list:
    for ternary in ternaryDict:
        if (letter.lower() == ternary):
            value = ternaryDict[ternary]

            # convert the base 3 ternary number
            # into a base 10 decimal integer
            # and add to list
            ternary_list.append(int(value, 3)

# create output string
ternary_output = ""

# add ternary numbers to string
for item in ternary_list:
    ternary_output = ternary_output + str(item) + " "

# print encoded file
print "Your encoded file is: \n"
print ternary_output

And here's the error message:

  File "encoder_ternary.py", line 56
    ternary_output = ''
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
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ternary_list.append(int(value, 3) is missing a ). –  Ashwini Chaudhary Jan 18 '13 at 23:41
Don't believe it was that simple. I was sure I had checked everything! Thanks Pavel, Ashwini and Martijn for your help. –  Erebus9997 Jan 19 '13 at 20:48

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You forgot to close the parenthesis on the preceding line:

        ternary_list.append(int(value, 3)

Note that there should be two )) there.

When in doubt about a syntax error in Python, always check the line before. Python allows you to group multiple expressions into a tuple, a generator expression or a call, across multiple lines, and there is no way for Python to know you simply forgot to close the parenthesis until the next line.

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Missing parenthesis on previous line:

ternary_list.append(int(value, 3))
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parenthesis was not closed on previous line, dats why this error occurred !

ternary_list.append(int(value, 3)

Close that, like

ternary_list.append(int(value, 3))
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