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I have remote debugging working with Xdebug, which works properly (I guess) when I use MacGDBp as a debugging tool. I've got Komodo 5 hooked up to listen on port 9000, and when I launch an Xdebug session remotely, Komodo throws up a dialog for URI Mapping.

the URI given is file:// The empty field is asking for "Maps to:" which I attempt to point to a local directory. I click the button "Local", and put it in /Users/myname/Documents/xdebug

However, when I hit enter, the "Maps to:" field is emptied and I'm faced with a continuous loop of URI Mapping dialogs.

What could be the issue? I've already changed the permissions on the local "Maps to:" directory with a chmod -R 777 /xdebug

I'm not sure what else would be the issue.

What can I do to get a local map for debugging in Komodo 5, and / or what is another solution to being able to step through and watch variable values?

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