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I'm not sure why this is occurring but I have a breakpoint in the eventhandler which is only registered to dropdownlist A and every time dropdowlist B changes its selected index and causes a postback, the breakpoint is activated.

Dropdownlist B is should not have any event handlers registered to it.

Another oddity is that I created a fresh webform and simply copied the relevant code for the two dropdown lists into the new form and everything works correctly there.

What could be the reason that dropdownlist B triggers dropdownlist A's handler?

Edit: I would post the code behind but it is fairly lengthy, even in just the relevant parts.

I did do a search for the phrase selectedIndex and I found it only in one place where I register it with the correct dropdownlist. All of this is done programatically so the markup would not be much help.

Edit 2:

 DropDownList ddlname1 = new DropDownList();

                ddlname1.AutoPostBack = true;

                ddlname1.EnableViewState = true;

                ddlname1.ID = "ddlname1" + dex.ToString();
ddlname1.DataSource = nameODS1;

                ddlname1.DataValueField = "Card";


These are the only lines in which ddlname1 (or dropdownlist B from the above discussion) are mentioned.

Edit 3:

DropDownList ddlset1 = new DropDownList();
ddlset1.ID = "ddlset1" + dex.ToString();

                ddlset1.SelectedIndexChanged += new EventHandler(ddlset_SelectedIndexChanged);

                ddlset1.AutoPostBack = true;

                ddlset1.EnableViewState = true;
ddlset1.DataSource = setODS1;

                ddlset1.DataValueField = "Set";


As requested, this is the code relevant to the other dropdownlist

Edit 4: I just noticed something else which might be relevant. Both dropdownlists are in the same update panel. However, this is also the case in the test form I created for testing and everything works fine there.

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Show your aspx markup and the relevant code-behind. –  Tim Schmelter Jan 18 '13 at 23:46
Please show your code including relevant code-beside. –  Mr. Young Jan 18 '13 at 23:46
@Mr.Young code-beside? that's new... :-) –  Steve Jan 18 '13 at 23:49
@Steve, yup it's been that way since 2003. With the introduction of the partial keyword C# driven webpage are referred to as "code-beside" since there is a partial class someplace else. This is off-topic to his question. But you can learn about it on this StackOverFlow question… –  Mr. Young Jan 18 '13 at 23:53
So you ARE adding these IN the code-behind and not in the mark-up. Can we see the second drop down list code? Also what happens on page_load or in the constructor? I see you have AutoPostBack enabled and there is some weird things that could happen during this event. –  Mr. Young Jan 18 '13 at 23:59

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