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Trying to teach myself Rails and have come across something that was easy in PHP but have got confused and stuck on this one area.

I have a form with a number of drop downs. I have managed to get the drop downs to display a value and store the id of that value into another table. Now I would like to view the new record but instead of displaying the ID that I saved I would like to collect the value from the original table and display that.

I hope that makes sense.

Below is my current code.

Finding Model

class Finding < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :skill

Skill Model

class Skill < ActiveRecord::Base
attr_accessible :skill_desc, :skill_level
has_many :findings


<td>Finding Skill</td>
<td><%= @finding.skill_id %> </td>

I guess my question is what do I need to change the @finding.skill_id too, to show the skill_desc field from the skills model?

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<%= @finding.skill.skill_desc %>

@finding.skill returns the Skill object associated with that finding, upon which you can call skill_desc to retrieve said value.

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Thanks, this did the job. –  Webantix Jan 19 '13 at 2:09

If you wanted to find the findings of a skill, you would need to use

@skill.findings to return an array of the findings objects associated with that skill object.

In sql, it might look something like this

SELECT * FROM findings WHERE ID EQ 23 JOIN skills ON findings.skill_id = Skills.id 
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