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I have configured and built linux kernel 2.6.27 successfully, with module supported enabled. But when I am trying to build another program (kernel module) that needs include/linux/modversions.h, it cannot find the file.

my question is: besides enabling the module support in linux kernel config, is there anything else I need to do to generate/get the modversions.h?


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Run a find /path/to/kernel -name modversions.h, you'll probably find one in a config dir and another on a linux dir, if so it was compiled with your kernel.

If that module was compiled then it can be installed with make modules_install, though that will install all the compiled modules, not their headers.

To tell gcc to search for the kernel source when compiling use the -I option -I/path/to/kernel. You can also use the INCLUDE_DIRS var to tell gcc to include that dir, export INCLUDE_DIRS=$INCLUDE_DIRS:/path/to/kernel.

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Yes I can find one in "config" dir, but not in "linux" dir. And that's the problem because other module source code includes this header via "linux" dir. –  user1783732 Jan 24 '13 at 7:08

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