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I'm using the MySQL Connector/C++ to communicate with a MySQL server from a C++ program. For some reason (see below for the background), I need at some point the native C API connection structure. How do I get it from the Connector/C++ classes?


I want to load a huge amount of data (up to 2-3 billion tuples) from the client's main memory into the server. Therefore, I want to try the LOAD DATA INFILE statement. To avoid to write the whole data to a text file first, I want to define my own local infile handler, which reads the data directly from the main memory.

However, the Connector/C++ comes with no method to set user-defined local infile handlers, but the native C API does. The corresponding C function mysql_set_local_infile_handler() needs a native connection handler (the structure MYSQL) as input parameter. So how do I get this handler from the Connector/C++? Or is there any better way to set the local infile handler in a Connector/C++ environment?

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It definitely is built on Connector/C. Connector/C++ is just an additional wrapper around the native C API (Native C API and Connector/C are two words for the same thing, by the way). It is mentioned several times in the manual, for example here: "The MySQL Connector/C++ is based on the MySQL Client Library (MySQL C API)." (…) (Where is the comment gone I replied to!?) – user1494080 Jan 20 '13 at 13:43
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You want sql::mysql::NativeAPI::MySQL_NativeConnectionWrapper::mysql, but it is a private member that is not returned by any method. Therefore, to access the structure, you will have to fork the Connector/C++ source and compile your own connector.

If that's the path you take, you might prefer to provide access to mysql_set_local_infile_handler() from within Connector/C++.

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Too bad. I hoped this would be possible with the "vanilla" Connector. – user1494080 Jan 24 '13 at 21:39

There is another way to work it around via the help of c++ command "system".

1) set the mysql environment in my.cnf: local-infile=1. You can find this file here: how to know mysql my.cnf location. Or just add option mysql --local-infile [other options] in the shell command line mentioned below.

2) In your c++ code, instead of using stmt->execute(...) from c++ connector, using

system("mysql -u username --database=dbname --password=pw -e \"LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE filename INTO TABLE tablename FIELD TERMINATED BY ',' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n' (column1, column2, column3);\"");

The char array could also be manipulated in the program. Though it seems "low-tech", it does get work done in my project.

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