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I'm trying to use remote_file to cache a local copy of a large package on a Windows share. How is this done?

I can't get it to work with a drive-letter-based path, a UNC-based path, or a file: URL.

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Don't have windows to test, but something like this should work:

require 'fileutils'
remote_path = '...'
local_path = '...'

ruby "cache-#{remote_path}" do
    block  { FileUtils.copy_file(remote_path, local_path) }       
    not_if { File.exists?(local_path) }
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I worked out a trick that I think is pretty neat. I created the following definition (and put it in definitions/default.rb):

define :file_from_network, :action => :create do
   myPath = (params[:path] || params[:name])
   mySource = params[:source]

   if File.exist?(mySource)
      file myPath do
         action params[:action]
         content {|io|}
      Chef::Log.error("File #{mySource} not found!")

Definitions do not work quite the same way resources do, but this was easy to implement and does what I need it to do. The in-memory read makes it impractical for huge files, of course, but it allows Chef to check that the content is different before triggering an action on the file resource.

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