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After a planned migration of the old MSSQL Server professional to the last MSSQL Server Express version, I have a problem with the connection with an old PHP project that use Zend framework to connect on MSSQL server I suppose with PDO library.

the error message is:

Connection failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] Unable to connect: Adaptive Server is unavailable or does not exist (severity 9)

the connection configuration is:

Mein_Db::registry('mssql', Mein_Db::factory('dblib', array( 'host' => 'xx.xx.x.xx', 'username' => 'sa', 'password' => 'xxxxxxx', 'dbname' => 'xxxxxxx' )) );

Thanks in advance, Gianluca

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Looks like you'll have to get inside of Mein_Db and see what's what. It's a custom class and with out the code you'll be unlikely to find much help. Check to see which adapter class Mein_Db is loading. –  RockyFord Jan 19 '13 at 8:18

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sorry but was an error of ip configuration of the MS SQL Server. Thank to all.


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