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I have 2 nodes: (A), (B), connected by [:FRIEND]

When I run the following command,

start n = node(*) match (n)-[r:FRIEND]-(b) return n.name, b.name;

it returns 2 rows: A, B and B, A.

I wonder, how to make it return only one record, because the relationship is bidirectional, A -[:FRIEND]-B and B-[:FRIEND]-A is considered same result.


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One trick is to add a where on the IDs, so you get them in a consistent order as well:

start n = node(*) 
match (n)-[r:FRIEND]-(b) 
where id(n) < id(b) 
return n.name, b.name;


If you have multiple relationships between them (in both directions, for example), you can add a distinct modifier to get the same results:

start n = node(*) 
match (n)-[r:FRIEND]-(b) 
where id(n) < id(b) 
return distinct n.name, b.name;
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