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OK i using OpenCV:

My aim is to create program that loads a video and the grabs & retrieves frames. I managed to get the below program to load in a video fine but when i moved on to use the cvGrabFrame & cvRetrieveFrame OpneCV functions i begun to struggle, I visited OpenCV website for some tips and only managed to find this: http://opencv.willowgarage.com/documentation/c/reading_and_writing_images_and_video.html Looking at the descriptions of the Grab and Retrieve functions i still cant get my head round it......Am better with examples than definitions. I though of using a separate class for this purpose.

#include "iostream"

using namespace std;

int main( int argc, char** argv ) {
cvNamedWindow( "DisplayVideo", CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE );
CvCapture* capture = cvCreateFileCapture( argv[1] );

IplImage* frame;
while(1) {
    frame = cvQueryFrame( capture );
        if( !frame ) break;
            cvShowImage( "DisplayVideo", frame );
            char c = cvWaitKey(33);
        if( c == 27 ) break;


FrameAcquisition Frames;

cvReleaseCapture( &capture );
cvDestroyWindow("DisplayVideo" );

class FrameAcquisition
        void Frame1(){

                 int cvGrabFrame( CvCapture* capture );                 
                 IplImage* cvRetrieveFrame(CvCapture* capture);


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cvQueryFrame is good to use..it does the job of grab and retrieve in a single function call...and whats this Frame1() method? can you elaborate what kind of class you wanna create? –  rotating_image Jan 19 '13 at 7:18

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