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I am using WordPress's HTTP API which has a wrapper for cURL (I'll assume it can do everything PHP's cURL does).

Trying to check the following headers If-None-Match and If-Modified-Since via the API should return:

Status: 304 Not Modified

Instead I am getting a Status: 200 OK

Testing curl from the command line works fine and return the right status, this works:

curl -i https://api.github.com/users/wycks -H 'If-None-Match: "7efeb402e491989a4f37d8d82aae8946"'

Entering the same ETag in PHP 'If-None-Match' => '7efeb402e491989a4f37d8d82aae8946' doesn't work.

Here is my PHP request to the API:

  'method' => string 'HEAD' (length=4)
  'timeout' => int 5
  'redirection' => int 0
  'httpversion' => string '1.0' (length=3)
  'user-agent' => string 'WordPress/3.5; http://dev.local/Foo15' (length=37)
  'blocking' => boolean true
  'headers' => 
      'Accept-Encoding' => string 'deflate;q=1.0, compress;q=0.5' (length=29)
  'cookies' => 
  'body' => null
  'compress' => boolean false
  'decompress' => boolean true
  'sslverify' => boolean false
  'stream' => boolean false
  'filename' => null
  'If-None-Match' => string '7efeb402e491989a4f37d8d82aae8946' (length=32)
  'Cache-Control' => string 'must-revalidate' (length=15)
  '_redirection' => int 0
  'ssl' => boolean true
  'local' => boolean false
boolean true

And the wrong response:

response' => 
      'code' => int 200
      'message' => string 'OK' (length=2)
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I am not sure about underlying reasons but from some poking you need to quote etag value inside string:

'If-None-Match' => '"7efeb402e491989a4f37d8d82aae8946"'
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