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I am using the sqlite in my app using titanium and i am using variable in query.The problem with me is that when i don't use variable it gives me the perfect result.The query without variable is as

   "select * from IQ where Quote_id =1 "

and when i use the variable it gives me the above mentioned error.The query with the variable is as follows and the value of Ti.App.index maybe between 0-47

  "select * from IQ where Quote_id =? ",Ti.App.index

could somebody help me what i am doing wrong

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your problem solved ?? – Manish Nagar Jan 19 '13 at 9:55

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use this syntax

"select * from IQ where Quote_id ='"+Ti.App.index+"' "
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Are you sure Ti.App.index is not null? This type of error usually means the input value is null.

Would this work:

"select * from IQ where Quote_id =? ",new String[] { Ti.App.index }


"select * from IQ where Quote_id = " + Ti.App.index

Good luck.

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