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Is there a way to initialize an object from a database query that returns a datatable? What I mean is, I have an oracle stored procedure that returns a refcursor for data from a table. In my code, I have an object for that table (not using an ORM). Is there an easy way to initialize the object from the data in the datatable, or do I have to go and initialize the object and set all the properties manually?

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You could use reflection in an extension method:

public static T CreateFrom<T>(this DataTable dt) where T : new()
    T obj = new T();
    return obj;

public static void InitFrom<T>(this T obj, DataTable dt)
    object currentValue;
    DataRow row = dt[0];

    foreach(var prop in typeof(T).GetProperties())
    	currentValue = row[prop.Name];
    	prop.SetValue(obj, currentValue, null);
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