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I want to know if exist a way to get the number of likes shown in App Store or Game Center. In this way I can check if a user really likes my application on Facebook.


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You should be using the iTunes lookup API to get back the info you need in JSON formatted results:

The link you should use for Angry Birds Rio would look like this:

             "artistName":"Rovio Entertainment Ltd",
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Using http-get you can have a look at the itunes page for the app. e.g. for angry birds rio:

Then if you want to know the total rating have a look here and try to split the String to the relevant part:

<div class='extra-list customer-ratings'>
<h4>Customer Ratings</h4>
<div>Current Version:</div>
<div class='rating' role='img' tabindex='-1' aria-label='4 and a half stars, 3113 Ratings'><div><span class="rating-star">&nbsp;</span><span class="rating-star">&nbsp;</span>    <span class="rating-star">&nbsp;</span><span class="rating-star">&nbsp;</span><span class="rating-star half">&nbsp;</span></div><span class="rating-count">3113 Ratings</span>

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