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I have a 2.8.2 RabbitMQ Server and a 2.8.2 client dll , have codes to declare queue and get message , it works correctly(all parameters is correct):

        IModel channel=null;

        ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory ();
        factory.HostName = "";
        _QueueName = "";

        factory.UserName = "guest";
        factory.Password = "guest";
        factory.VirtualHost = "/";

        factory.RequestedHeartbeat = 30;

        if (factory.Endpoint == null) {
            Console.WriteLine (" factory.Endpoint==null ");

        // 接受消息的队列名称是本地的IP地址
        _QueueName = "";
        _RMQConnection = factory.CreateConnection ();

        Console.WriteLine ("factory.CreateConnection()");

        channel = _RMQConnection.CreateModel ();

        channel.QueueDeclare(_QueueName, false, false,false,null);

But when i download 3.0.1 RabbitMQ Server and a 3.0.1 client dll,use the same codes, have errors:


The AMQP operation was interrupted: AMQP close-reason, initiated by Peer, code=406, text="PRECONDITION_FAILED - parameters for queue '' in vhost '/' not equivalent", classId=50, methodId=10, cause=

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You typically get that error message when you re-declare an existing queue with different parameters. Check in the management console to see if the queue already exists. If it does, try deleting it and then re-running your code.

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