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I have the following tables.


PKDrugId - Int

DrugName - Varchar(25)

DrugType - Varchar(25)


PKStoreId - Int

StoreName - Varchar(25)

StoreLocation - Varchar(25)


PKID - Int

FKDrugId - Int

FKStoreId - Int

OutwardQuantity - int

I want to display DrugName and StoreName instead of FKDrugId and FKStoreId in the Stock_Outward Data. Can anyone help?

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Have you tried anything? – hims056 Jan 19 '13 at 5:53

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Here you need to join all tables to get DrugName and StoreName. Like this:

SELECT SO.PKID, DM.DrugName, SM.StoreName, SO.OutwardQuantity
FROM Stock_Outward SO 
JOIN Drug_Master DM ON SO.FKDrugId = DM.PKDrugId 
JOIN Store_Master SM ON SO.FKStoreId = SM.PKStoreId 

See this SQLFiddle

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