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I have this simple class property which should return a MyGuest class based on Guest. When I run the code using debugger in step mode, execution is looping betwen line 5 and 6.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

1.    public Guest MyGuest
2.    {
3.        get
4.        {
5.            MyGuest = new Guest();
6.            return MyGuest;
7.        }
8.       set { }
9.    }
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I got a working solution when I converted the VB to C# code using This is the working code. // Guest - returns an Guest object... public Guest MyGuest { get { Guest functionReturnValue = default(MyGuest); functionReturnValue = new Guest(); functionReturnValue.Configure(this); return functionReturnValue; } set { } } – Jojo Julian Jan 19 '13 at 6:45

Its a recursive loop because line 6 is calling 3 to get the value again. You want:

public Guest MyGuest { get { return new Guest(); } }

But do you really want to return a new Guest when the method is called?

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