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I have this div, by default it accepts ctrl + u to underline for example, but I want to add a custom html to it when ctrl + q is pressed.

<div id="dvMy" contenteditable="true"></div>
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Try jquery.hotkeys.

jQueryObject.bind('keypress.ctrl_q', functionThatAddsDiv)
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You can do this the old fashioned way with jQuery hotkeys:

$('#dvMy').bind('keypress.ctrl_q', customFxToEditDiv);

or if doing more than 1 keyboard shortcut it's really worth it to check out mousetrap.js - it has a really nice DSL for keyboard shortcuts and handles a lot of the details and gotchas that are not so obvious if trying to do it yourself. Also worth it for the awesome url:

  Mousetrap.bind('ctrl+q', function(e) {
    $('#dvMy').html('<p>Custom content</p>');
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