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Why use only one SessionFactory Object per application? What are the advantages of using single session factory object per application?

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Can refer here for more details stackoverflow.com/a/4544053/366964 –  Nayan Wadekar Jan 19 '13 at 7:06
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Session factory object is implemented using the singleton design pattern. Instances of SessionFactory are thread-safe and typically shared throughout an application. As these objects are heavy weight because they contains the connection information, hibernate configuration information and mapping files,location path. So creating number of instances will make our application heavy weight. But the session objects are not thread safe. So in short it is - SessionFactory objects are one per application and Session objects are one per client.

Hence it would be one SessionFactory per DataSource. Your application may have more than one DataSource so you may have more than one SessionFactory in that instance. But you would not want to create a SessionFactory more than once in an application.

Advantages: Obviously its improving performance of your application :)

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No you are wrong DarkHorse SessionFactory is not implemented using singleton design pattern. –  D.k. Agrawal Mar 31 at 18:23
@DarkHorse SessionFactory is not Singleton , it is used as singleton , it is immutable docs.jboss.org/hibernate/orm/3.5/javadocs/org/hibernate/… –  anshulkatta Jul 3 at 9:11
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Because creation of a SessionFactory is an extremely expensive process which involves parsing hibernate configuration/mapping properties and creating database connection pool .Creating a database connection pool requires establishing database connections (i.e creating Connection objects) which has overhead due to the time taken to locate the DB server , establish a communication channel and exchange information to do authentication.

So if you create a SessionFactory for every request , it implies that you are not using database connection pool to serve your request .You have to setup a new connection by the above overheaded process for every request instead of just getting the opened connection from the database connection pool.

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