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I'm looking for a way to join two result rows together.

I've got two tables:

settings table:

id | pop_setting1_id | pop_setting2_id

user table:

user_id | setting_id

pop_setting1_id and pop_setting2_id in first table points to setting_id in second table

I would like to have a query that takes one parameter (id) and gives one row result like:

user_id as user_id_1 | user_id as user_id_2 | setting_id as setting_id1 | setting_id as setting_id2

made from two rows from user table, where setting_id matches pop_setting1_id or pop_setting2_id respectively.

Setting_id in user table is unique, so it's for sure that it will be only two results. All I want is to rename those results and squeeze them in one row. Give me some hints please.

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Try this::


u1.user_id as user_id_1,
u2.user_id as user_id_2, 
u1.setting_id as setting_id1,
u2.setting_id as setting_id2, 
`settings` s
INNER JOIN `user` u1 on (s.pop_setting1_id=u1.setting_id)
INNER JOIN `user` u2 on (s.pop_setting2_id=u2.setting_id)

WHERE id=?
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Wow. That works! Thanks a lot! –  enrey Jan 19 '13 at 7:06
you are most welcome... –  Sashi Kant Jan 19 '13 at 7:12
I just modified it to LEFT JOIN, so it returns something, when there's some missing entry in user table. –  enrey Jan 19 '13 at 7:23

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