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In my online database I take the database in offline and close the SQL Server.

Now my database shows an error

login failed

but login Id and password are correct and not connect to database

Please help me to connect to it again, I use SQL Server 2005.

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This is not a "question". If you take the time to formulate it as such, add more information about how do you connect to the DB, what commands/functions are you issuing, etc. –  andr Jan 19 '13 at 7:19

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You won't be able to connect to the database itself when it's offline, but should still be able to connect to the master database. The question isn't clear on how you're trying to access it but for example:

USE [master] 

Or from SQL Server Management Studio you should still be able to connect to the database server itself and execute the second command under the context of the master database.

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