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I was wondering if it is possible to write to a server and storing it in a text file using Javascript/Jquery, HTML5. The purpose is, I am making a javascript/jquery game and I wanted to store the scores, without using any server-side language (php, asp, etc.) Thank you so much for the help, your time is much appreciated.

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HTML, JS, CSS, all that is client-side. Meaning it runs in the browser and that's that.

PHP & ASP are server-side, meaning the code gets executed on the server and the result gets sent to the client.

You need a method of communication between the client and server. You can send requests using JS (AJAX) but you'll need something on the server to receive and do something with them. For that you need some server-side code.

So no, you can't update data on a server using only client-side technologies. You can, however, use client-side scripts to communicate with a server and tell the server-side code to update data.

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Thank you for the response. – AustinT Jan 19 '13 at 17:36

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