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I have a ServiceStack project with ServiceStack Razor added. Any time I try and navigate to the root of the site, I'm getting redirected to /metadata.

This does not happen on my dev machine, only in my hosted environment (AppHarbor).

I do have a Default.cshtml in the root of my project.

Navigating to other URLs work fine: /default1.cshtml, /myservicewithviews

I've tried messing with the DefaultRedirectPath in my AppHost, but that didn't help.

Trying to force it DefaultRedirectPath = "default.cshtml" result in a redirect loop. Which makes sense.

What is causing this?

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AppHarbor only publishes files marked "Content" when building projects (AppHb FAQ). This file was the only one not marked content and why I was only experiencing this in my hosted environment and could access all other content.

Not detecting a default document causes ServiceStack to set a RedirectHttpHandler to /metadata - shown around here

Another noteworthy point is that AppHarbor's load-balancer causes their internal port numbers to show up in ServiceStack URLs when performing things like Response Redirects.

To fix this problem, you add the following to your Web.Config:

    <!-- AppHarbor Setting to stop AppHb load balancer internal port numbers from showing up in URLs-->
    <add key="aspnet:UseHostHeaderForRequestUrl" value="true" />

You could also configure this setting in your AppHarbor config panel.

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