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I have a godaddy deluxe web hosting account. I have a couple of websites already running under the version asp.net 3.5.

Now I have developed another web application under the version asp.net 4.0. When I upgrade the version from 3.5 to 4.0, the old websites stop working.

I would like the old websites to keep on working on asp.net 3.5 and want the new website to work on version 4.0.

Is this possible? How? Please guide me.

P.S: I currently don't have the source code for the DLL's of the old websites and hence I cannot upgrade them to asp.net version 4.0.

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To been able to run under different version you need to use separate pools.

One group of your sites have pool A, that runs 3.5, and one group of the sites use pool B, and runs under 4.0+ version.

If you have only one pool on your account and you can not add second, then you need to use one version.

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