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Upgrading PHP in XAMPP for Windows?

I am currently using XAMPP version 1.8.1 which has the PHPversion 5.4.3

I have found the latest version of PHP from the PHP site version 5.4.11, released a day ago.

Now if I download the latest PHP version from php.net and replace my current PHP directory with the latest, will it work properly/ straight away?


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  • Download the latest binary version of PHP 5.4.11 (make sure to get the .zip package not the installer)
  • De-archive it to a directory
  • Copy the contents of the directory in the php subfolder of your XAMPP installation directory, overwriting the files which are already present
  • Overwrite the files which are already present in the apache\bin directory with the newer versions.
  • Now the trick: take the files which have a "_2" in their names (for example php5apache2_2.dll or php5apache2_2_filter.dll), copy them in the apache\bin subdirectory and remove the "_2" part, overwriting the existing files. This is necessary because by XAMPP uses Apache version 2.2 and the files with the 2 prefix are built for Apache 2.0, so you must take the files build for the newer version (which has a different plugin interface) and rename them in the filenames XAMPP expects.

Hope this helps.

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