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I need to authenticate the user against Active Directory, However I need to force the user to enter his credentials at Software launch. is it possible to use the same windows authentication form? Or I still have to create my own form and authenticate it against AD manually?

Windows Security form

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This seems similar (but in VB): stackoverflow.com/q/11162937/209103 –  Frank van Puffelen Jan 19 '13 at 8:20
you can use the Form That pops up basically passing in the username \\DomainName\username and in the password -> the password. on the event of your main form you do your PrincipalContext checking by passing the Domain, username. you may need to split the username into something like stringUser[] = usernameVariable.Split("\\"); that means you would have stringUser[0] hold the Domain, and stringUser[1] would hold the AD samaccount name ..it would be nice to see a bit more code as to better guide you.. –  DJ KRAZE Jan 19 '13 at 22:09

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