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I have 4 domain names listed with godaddy. At the momment they are parked but I have moved one to another hosting company (nearlyfreespeech). There it says there is a problem with the DNS Names

"Warning: There is a discrepancy between your authoritative and active name servers. The active name servers reported by your registrar are shown below."

So I went back in to godaddy and added the new name servers was this correct ? I did not delete the old one's as there was no option too. It hasn't changed over yet but it says it may take up to 48 hours to propagate. After 48 what can I expect will it just transfer over and become I have also set up an alias(as above) as it the site was just

And finally about my other parked domains, will they be ok to leave parked in go daddy I see when I visit them there is anoption to buy it for 60ish dollors ? Can godaddy really sell them even though I have not let them lapse ? I know they aren't that reputable a company from dealing with them but surely what I just explanied can't happen (I hope).

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Hmm... If you want to move your domain to other provider, you just need to point your domain to new name server. if you have problem, you can ask your registrar (GoDaddy) to help you. The DNS will resolve within 12-24 hours.

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