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Im experiencing a strange problem with my magento install, say I'm go to edit a configurable product, I click the product and its info opens up, I then go to the prices tab and change a price then click save, all this works fine.

Now if I was to open the product and click on associated products and choose one of my simple products and then click save, the save button remains in the clicked position and nothing happens the page just hangs, then (using chrome) it pops up asking to kill or wait for the page.

Iv got a horrible feeling its something I did when I first set the site up. I'm hoping someone can confirm or help me with my problem . .

when I first started making my website with Magento, I needed to add hundreds of custom options (these are prescription options). now within 12 - 15 options there are maybe 500 or 600 (options within the drop down selections for each product. but the options are the same for all the products. I though after adding a few thousand products the tables may get fairly large in size, so i modified the way the tables work. . .

within "catalog_product_option" table of the magento install I added a column called option_id2 and made this the primary key as option_id is used to pull the correct option info out of the database and having it as the primary key means no duplicates.

is there a way to find why a page is hanging?

any help appreciated.

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Anything in the log or a JavaScript error in the console? –  OSdave Jan 19 '13 at 9:57
So you've changed a PK for a join table and made no update to any class or config which interacts with the table? Was there any doubt that this would break? –  benmarks Jan 19 '13 at 11:19
nothing in the log or console :/, and benmarks, admittedly i didnt know what I was doing when I first set it up, we all have to start somewhere. –  AndrewBramwell Jan 19 '13 at 11:30

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