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I have a question about tidy.

My problem is like this one HTML Tidy new empty line after closing tags.

My current setting will not have new empty line for the html inside of body tag and head tag, expect title tag and js tag.

The output is like below.

     <script src="core.js" type="text/javascript">

My current setting

$config = array(
            'doctype' => '<!doctype html>',
            "char-encoding" => "utf8",
            'vertical-space' => false,
            'indent' => true,
            'wrap' => 0,
            'word-2000' => 1,
            'break-before-br' => true,

I already added 'vertical-space' => false, I dont know why and how should I do to solve this problem.

I want them to be

         <title> XXXX </title>
         <script src="core.js" type="text/javascript">  </script>

Thank you very much for your advice.

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