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I have already created a sequence:

create sequence mainseq as bigint start with 1 increment by 1

How do I use this sequence as the default value of a column?

create table mytable(
    id      bigint not null default mainseq     -- how?
    code    varchar(20) not null
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It turned out to be easy enough:

create table mytable (
    id      bigint not null constraint DF_mytblid default next value for mainseq,
    code    varchar(20) not null

or if the table is already created:

alter table mytable
add constraint DF_mytblid
default next value for mainseq
for id

(thank you Matt Strom for the correction!)

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Just as a small note that might be very obvious to some... because it's using default, it only applies if you don't provide a value or null. Users could still override the auto sequence value by providing a value in their query. –  Adam Plocher Jul 9 '14 at 9:36

The ALTER statement is not quite complete. It needs another FOR clause to assign the default to the desired field.

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