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I've got a really random bug in my code somewhere but can't figure it out. I'm inserting data into a MySQL Database based the current date and use the following statement;

INSERT INTO table VALUES (NULL,495297,str_to_date('19/01/2013 10:55:25','%d/%m/%y'),'English - UK',1,Str_to_date('17/01/2013','%d/%m/%y'),str_to_date('18/01/2013','%d/%m/%y'))

none of the dates work as the 19/01/2013 for some reason it becomes 19/01/2020, the next become 17/01/2020 and 18/01/2020! The latter two dates are listed as Date in data Type whereas the first date is DateTime so I don't know why this bizarre problem is happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Maudise

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Use a capital %Y as identifier for the year:

INSERT INTO table VALUES (NULL,495297,str_to_date('19/01/2013 10:55:25','%d/%m/%Y'),'English - UK',1,Str_to_date('17/01/2013','%d/%m/%Y'),str_to_date('18/01/2013','%d/%m/%Y'))

The lower case %y specifies a year given by two digits (see MySQL documentation here and here). The uper-case %Y, however, is the four-digit version.

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Perfect thank you. –  Maudise Jan 19 '13 at 13:22
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