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Does anyone know of a C++ unit-testing framework (e.g. CppUnit, Google Test, etc.) that can be used to write tests on z/OS?

I do most of my development on Windows using the Dignus C++ compiler, which you can use as a cross-compiler and generate object code to run on z/OS. I tried writing a sample test using Google Test, but the compiler could not compile/link the Google Test code. Google Test does not claim to support z/OS, so this was expected. But, it was worth a try!

Thanks so much for any responses this!

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Try CPP Unit Lite (by CppUnit's author). It uses fairly straightforward C++ code, there's a good chance it'll work on z/OS's compiler.

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Perhaps you could open a bug report for Google Test and see if they fix it? There is probably an ASCII dependency in the code somewhere that caused the test code compile to fail. Could you dig into the error message that the IBM compiler produced?

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