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I have to encrypt a particular field value and store in DB. I have used RSA Encryption for Ruby. I was able to encrypt and save it, but then while decrypting it back, i am facing problem. What i have done is as follows,

key_pair = RSA::KeyPair.generate(512)

Stored key_pair in separate column.

ciphertext = key_pair.encrypt("Hello, world!")

Stored ciphertext in another column in same table.

While decrypting, i fetched the key_pair value from database and applied decrypting function

plaintext = key_pair.decrypt(ciphertext)

This step throws error

NoMethodError: undefined method `decrypt' for <String:0xa431b88>

because "key_pair" is not an instance of "RSA::KeyPair".

When i try to decrypt the stored value, i fetch key_pair value from database and then apply decrypt method on it. So the key_pair value has String class. I need a way to solve. Please guide me.

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you've receive a key pair from db but not the object that is an instance of RSA::KeyPair and that has a decrypt method – ted Jan 19 '13 at 11:50

Before decrypt, try:

# get persisted value from DB; then
key_pair = private key, your public key)

# and then decrypt
plaintext = key_pair.decrypt(ciphertext)
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