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I found some code online allowing me to create and design a modal window for visitors to sign up to our newsletter, but i want this modal window to popup automatically when the index page is opened. So far i have only been able to find modal windows that rely upon the user clicking on a hyperlink. Is there a function i can use to automatically open the modal window or a way to automatically load a hyperlink.

This is the link i used to create my modal window. Link

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You can use keyframe animations (support). Something like:

.modalDialog {
   /* other styles */
   animation: showup .5s;
@keyframes showup { to { opacity: 1; } } 

Be careful with pointer-events though. They won't work in any version of IE or Opera - see support for pointer-events in CSS.

A really simple demo I just did.

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You can always enclose the link to modal window in a span or div. then on page load using jquery use the .click() function to autoload it.

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