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I am wandering if it is possible to build a developer build in a file which can be downloaded from a/my server by my test users. As it is now I have to connect each device to my computer and build to it?

I have seen when building a phonegap build for iOS in Dreamveawer it generates a file I can install on my iPhone using a QR code?

Hoping for help and thanks in advance!

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just set valid certificates and Control + B. you will find your build under the products folder. –  Sarafaraz Babi Jan 19 '13 at 12:24

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It is possible to do so but I'd suggest using the free and excellent TestFlightApp to manage distributing your developer builds.

If you do want to distribute an ad-hoc build on your own, then follow these instructions.

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You can archive your app and save it for Ad-Hoc distribution.

Ad-Hoc distribution enables you to distribute your app through an HTML page, it means that clients could install the app using their iOS Safari.


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