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How can I construct chat application, without main server? I think about hosting WCF service on each computer that connect to network, and trying to connect in loop on all available hosts in LAN. Simple scenario after launching my chat application:

  • start host chat wcf service
  • connect my client to my own service
  • search available hosts in LAN (e.g if is open on the appropriate port)
  • trying to connect to chat wcf service hosted on them
  • other machines are conecting to my service

To sending messages each machine use it's own service. Each service is storing connected clients, and removes user that is disconnected.

I don't like this solution too much, so maybe do you have some better idea?

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To achieve this my best bet will be implement a small UDP boardcast on each WCF Service so each client knows whenever any new client gets connected. The UDP can also be implemented with WCF Discovery

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But in general is solution with WCF the good one? Maybe some another way? –  Saint Jan 20 '13 at 0:24
The other solution is to write raw sockets apps that can serve the purpose with very less effort. Check ipmessenger for an example –  sumeet kumar Jan 20 '13 at 0:51

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