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I have a textbox in index.html and I want get the value of it and put it to textbox in another html file which is result.html. (they have the same .js file using)

index.html textbox:

<input id="txt2" readonly="true" type="number" value="0" name="score" style="border:none;background-color:#f0f2f7">

result.html textbox:

<input id="txt3" readonly="true" type="number" value="0" name="score" style="border:none;background-color:#f0f2f7"></td>

this is the code where it will automatically go to the other page:

if((mins == 0) && (secs == 0)) {
    //window.alert("Time is up.Your score is "+score); // change timeout message as required
    document.getElementById('txt2').value = score;
    window.location = "score.html" // redirects to specified page once timer ends and ok button is pressed
else {
    cd = setTimeout("redo()",1000);

And how will txt3 get the value of txt2 since they are in different html?

Thanks in advance.

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If you have no serverside help with passing this value across you might want to try using cookies to make the data persistent across pages. – Lix Jan 19 '13 at 12:27
or research on html5 capabilities. I think there was something like local storage. It might be what you are searching for, might be also totally out of line... – Dr. Nefario Jan 19 '13 at 12:39
@MAXIMUM Please consider green-checking answer if answer served your purpose.More details here on how to do so… – Harshit Tailor Feb 7 '13 at 10:58

Use query string Like this

and get this name on different html page by using javascript

function loadPageVar (sVar) {  
  return unescape( RegExp("^(?:.*[&\\?]" + escape(sVar).replace(/[\.\+\*]/g, "\\$&") + "(?:\\=([^&]*))?)?.*$", "i"), "$1"));  

// Would alert the value of QueryString-variable called name  
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Change result page URL as follows;

window.location = "result.html?val="+document.getElementById('txt2').value;  


<input id="txt3" readonly="true" type="number" value="0" name="score" style="border:none;background-color:#f0f2f7"></td>  

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