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Im transferring some code from ACE to Poco. I'm new to multithreaded design so it is confusing me just a little!

typedef Arc::AutoPtr<ResultSet, ACE_Thread_Mutex> QueryResult;

Im not able to just re-write it like this, as Poco::AutoPtr only accepts one argument as a class template

typedef Poco::AutoPtr<ResultSet, Poco::Mutex> QueryResult;

How should i write it?

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I'm not sure what Arc::AutoPtr is, because I couldn't find anything like that in the ACE documentation. However if it's the same as ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr then the corresponding typedef for Poco would probably be typedef Poco::SharedPtr<ResultSet> QueryResult;. But it's not clear from the docs whether the SharedPtr in Poco implements a thread safe reference counting, so you have to be careful of that.

Poco::AutoPtr is actually an intrusive smart pointer which requires support from the pointed type (similar to boost::intrusive_ptr).

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Poco::SharedPtr does provide thread-safe reference counting. Default ReferenceCounter uses AtomicCounter which provides thread-safety through platform-specific atomic primitives or, if those are not available, FastMutex. User can also provide their reference counter: template <class C, class RC = ReferenceCounter, class RP = ReleasePolicy<C> > class SharedPtr { /*...*/ } –  Alex Feb 6 '13 at 12:38

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