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I have a ruby class with the following definition:

class MyResponse
        attr_writer :status, :message

        def initialize(status,message) 
                @status = status
                @message = message

When I try to do a to_json on the object of type MyResponse, I am properly getting the json converted string.

The problem is, with the same set of parameters passed to MyResponse, I'm getting empty string sometimes.


response ="Abcd", 0)

puts response.to_json gives:

"{\"status\": \"Abcd\", \"message\": 0}"

The same sometimes gives:


My question is how do i catch the json errors? Because, in the second case, there is absolutely no difference in the parameters passed to MyResponse class.

The behaviour is random.

Update: I found a similar question. But the answer is to update the gem. I cannot update my current gem. Rails: to_json method not working as expected

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All right, turns out that the json gem had an issue. I now am using an alias to the original to_json which seems to be working fine.

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