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Just to be clear, I'm going to store my shopping cart in a database. It's just that I would like information regarding the details on how to store it exactly.

I have the following structure for my shopping cart and orders: shopping cart

First of all, is this technically a good approach?

  • A product is added to a cart with the sessionID, date and amount. Do I add another table or rename the table given that it's not really carts but more collection of products from different carts?

    • When a user wants to order his products we place them in the order_items table. When the user selects purchase his order is placed in the orders table.

Is this a good approach, are there better ones?

P.S.: the user doesn't need to be registered to place an order.

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Nobody has a suggestion? –  reaper_unique Jan 20 '13 at 1:30

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What I usually do is have an intermediate table, something like ProductsInCart, with three columns, ProductID, CartID, and Quantity. ProductID keys into Products, CartID keys into Carts, and quantity is simply a positive integer.

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That's what I've decided to do as well. –  reaper_unique Nov 20 '13 at 12:54

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