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I would like to use the index of the iterate loop in the HTML as a value, as in:

   <select bind-value="gAddItem.drawType" 
            template iterate="int ind = 0; ind < gDrawDescs.length; ind++">
     <option value="{{ind.toString()}}"> {{gDrawDescs[ind]}} </option>

But this intuitive syntax doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to do this in Dart Web-ui?

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Dart doesn't seem to allow list range literals, which would allow the neat solution:

iterate="ind in [0 ... gDrawDescs.length]"

To get around this, create the following function:

List<int> createList(final int cnt) {
  var list = new List();
  for (var i=0; i<cnt; i++) {
  return list;

And in the HTML:

iterate="ind in createList(gDrawDescs.length)"
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This is close to as good as it gets. Dart's Web UI library doesn't expose the current index iteration variable, so you need to create your own range type function to do it. See this bug: If you agree this is something Web UI should do, you can leave a comment. – Seth Ladd Jan 22 '13 at 5:28

Or consider this

Iterable<int> Indices(int size) => Iterable<int>.generate(size, (i) => i);
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Good news, everyone! The issue Seth Ladd linked to on Peter B's answer was fixed a couple months ago, so now you can reference {{$index}} from inside a <template>. From the test code that was added in that commit:

Test the $index meta variable:
<template repeat="item in items" indentation="remove">
    "{{item}}" is the {{$index}}{{suffix($index)}} item out of {{$list.length}}.
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