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I am currently doing some testing on using Hibernates detached objects as DTOs. But i have the problem that the detach of the parent bean is not cascaded to the beans contained within a collection of the parent bean (although CascadeType.ALL is set).

For example, i have a parent containing a collection of attributes which have a foreign key to a attribute type. I read it the following way:

Parent bean = (Parent) session.createCriteria(Parent.class)
    .add(Restrictions.eq("id", 1223215031850009727l))
    .setFetchMode("attributes", FetchMode.JOIN)
    .createAlias("attributes.type", "attributetype")

After reading the bean i detach it from the session:


After that i output some data:

for (Attribute attr : bean.getAttributes()) {

So far everything works as expected. But if i remove the "createAlias" from the loading of the bean i would expect to get an error on the access of the attribute type as it should also be detached from the session (the attributes-mapping contains CascadeType.ALL). Instead of an error hibernate triggers an SQL to load the type.

Why are the attributes not detached from the session?

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I found the solution. Cascade (at least DETACH) has also to be set on the foreign key property.

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