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I want to play youtube video in windows 8 application with XAML and c#.

I don't want to play youtube video from WebView control of windows 8 i want to play video from my own control is that possible ? can anyone help me for this please ?

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Try MyToolkit on CodePlex. You can use GetVideoUriAsync to get a URI to feed to a MediaElement.

var url = await YouTube.GetVideoUriAsync(youTubeId, YouTubeQuality.Quality1080P);
var player = new MediaElement();
player.Source = url.Uri;
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Yes this is possible you can take a look on these three links:

YouTube API

Manage YouTube Over Code

Example how to Play Videos with YouTube API

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Hello but i want to play video in Windows 8 XAML is there any player to play video for windows 8 XAML ? – Brijesh Jan 19 '13 at 14:31
Sory but what is "Windows 8 XAML"? XAML is XAML. You can use any player for example the VLC, if you get a Video over the YouTube API: Uri videoEntryUrl = new Uri(""); Video video = request.Retrieve<Video>(videoEntryUrl); printVideoEntry(videoEntry); you can play it in any player. Just read the Dokumenation carfully its not that hard and can be done in 30 min. – Venson Jan 19 '13 at 14:35

First thing its YouTube TOS violation.

But if you really want to do that, first you need to extract the streaming URL from the response from YouTube when you do a request.Check this code and port it to c#


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