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I have a thumbnail class and it accepts external hosts too. It works like this right now :


I want to make it clean url with my "resize.mysite.com" subdomain like this :


I almost done it with this rewrite rule :

rewrite ^/([^x]*)x([^/]*)/(.*)$ /resize.php?w=$1&h=$2&src=$3 last;

But it's sending "src" without second slash after "http:" and it causes to resize class error, like this :

http://google.com/logo.png (what I expect)

How this can be fixed?

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The first thing comes in mind is that your are using somewhere in your nginx configuration file special directive merge_slashes, is it true? If yes and your are using merge_slashes on then all your requests with double or triple and so on slashes will comes as one slash.

Can it be a solution to your problem to set directive merge_slashes off ?

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It worked :) I never set it before but documentation says it's default value is "on" so it causes to missing slash. Thank you. – xecute Jan 19 '13 at 15:39
But be carefull because merge_slashes work on all server configuration (so all locations per specific domain + port) and sometimes it can bring some security issues. Anyway glad I could help ;) – emka86 Jan 19 '13 at 15:42

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