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I'm struggling with a simple backbone/coffeescript example. I'm trying to add a Question to the QuestionList and have it fire an 'add' event on the collection so I can render it. I'm using the create method since I am trying to have it connect to my server, here modelled by the console.

In this example the console prints "create: {"question":"Question","answer":"Answer"}" but not "Event occurred" as expected. What am I doing wrong here?

jQuery ->
    class Question extends Backbone.Model
            question: 'Question'
            answer: 'Answer'

    class QuestionList extends Backbone.Collection
        model: Question

        initialize: ->
            @bind 'all', -> console.log "Event occurred"

    Backbone.sync = (method, model) ->
        console.log method + ": " + JSON.stringify(model)

    question_list = new QuestionList


                    question: $('#question').val()
                    answer: $('#answer').val()
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The problem doesn't seem to be in the part of the code you posted, because there aren't any evident mistaskes in your code, and the event is firing and handled just fine (on Backbone 0.9.9). See this fiddle for a demo: jsfiddle.net/nW7ne – jevakallio Jan 19 '13 at 16:30
What does your view look like? – Dennis Rongo Jan 20 '13 at 9:22
Thanks Fencliff, hearing it worked for you but didn't for me made me realise I was using a much older Backbone from a tutorial I found. Thanks for the help! – owencm Jan 20 '13 at 12:40

The version of Backbone being used was old since I'd downloaded a tutorial and continued working from there. Upgrading to Backbone 0.9.9 solved the issue. (thanks Fencliff!)

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