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Complicated question with a (hopefully) simple answer.

I'm looking into FPDF to export a web-page to a PDF. The web-page has been formatted for Print media, but since print media can be kind of iffy with CSS/HTML rendered object, I was hoping exporting to a PDF and then printing would make for less of a design headache.

I've scrounged through the FPDF website and I'm not seeing a function for the one thing I was hoping to see. Some kind of include() function. I see a bunch of lines about formatting content, which I'm hoping means

Am I over thinking this? Can I simply use include() after the FPDF constructor and then any content from there in will be printed with the page?

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The FPDF library is not meant for directly rendering HTML markup into a PDF.

If that's what you're looking to do, you could try one of the solutions designed specifically for that purpose. For example, the html2pdf library, which among other things is based on the FPDF library. You can also consider using an external API like DocRaptor, which is a cost-effective solution based on the very costly Prince XML program.

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html2pdf is the solution we ended up going with, for anyone researching this. It prefers using tables for layout which is not ideal but manageable. –  Plummer Aug 21 '13 at 17:44

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